When riding a bicycle, you allow your knees and other joints to rest, since they do not have to support the weight of the body, which falls, mostly, on the saddle.

More and more people leave the side of the car to begin to ride on two wheels with their bicycles, to avoid traffic and also exercise. If you still have not decided to make the big change, pay attention to these ten reasons to ride a bicycle.

No more depression

It is proven that people who use bicycle suffer less sadness and psychological disorders. This is because the activity oxygenates the brain more than any other and allows us to think better, segregating, in turn, a hormone that generates a “healthy addiction” to the sport.

Reduces the risk of heart attacks

The percentage is around 50%, since when pedaling, the heart rate increases while the blood pressure decreases. Then, as a result: a heart that works economized.

Relieves back pain

Ideal for those who are in the office all day. When you get on the bike and lean your body forward to take the handlebar, the back muscles are tensed to stabilize the trunk. Also, it is good to know that lack of exercise causes backaches and a loss in the ability to cushion falls.

Reduce the cholesterol

Only the LDL, also called “bad.” On the other hand, the “good” cholesterol (HDL) increases, because the blood vessels are more healthy and flexible. There is less chance of them calcifying.

Generates endorphins

These well-known “happiness hormones” are produced by riding a bicycle and taking a walk. Attention because they occur in a constant activity of one hour, and if you go over that, you will get contrary results.

Ahuyenta infections

According to some studies, it can even eliminate cancer. Bicycling moderately boosts the immune system. It is an exercise recommended for patients with this disease and also with AIDS because the phagocytes (cells) move and annihilate the malignant ones.

Protect the knees

Unlike what you think, pedaling on the bike allows your knees to be more protected since the heaviest weight of the body falls on the seat. Neither cartilages nor joints should bear heavy loads.

Stylize the figure

While what works more are the legs, it also helps to shape the upper part of the body, because everything is interrelated. Some choose to do sit-ups after the walk, so as not to neglect that area.

Offers results in a few minutes

To start enjoying the benefits, remember this guide:

  • 10 minutes improve circulation
  • 20 minutes boost the immune system
  • 30 minutes improve the heart
  • 40 minutes increase the capacity of the lungs
  • 50 minutes accelerate the metabolism
  • 60 minutes control weight, general well-being and eliminate stress

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