Maybe you think your diet is balanced because you usually “control” with the rations. However, it also matters that the menus are varied because, if not, you may miss certain vitamins that play an important role in health.

  1. When you wake up … Do you feel tired?

If vitamin C and group B are missing, the body makes an extra effort that can cause fatigue, which can be accompanied by a certain apathy and drowsiness.

Unbalanced menus poor in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains provoke these signals. Start introducing foods such as parsley, citrus and pepper (to get a supply of vitamin C) and meats, vegetables, and cereals (for B vitamins) in your diet.

  1. Do you notice that you are losing hair?

If so, you may be suffering from a certain deficiency of vitamin B8 or biotin. The appearance of gray hair, red and scaly skin and brittle nails also warn of it, as well as muscle pain.

To solve it is advisable to consume egg yolk, bluefish, brewer’s yeast, mushrooms and walnuts, the latter every two days in very moderate amounts.

  1. When you short, difficult to heal?

Apart from diabetes or hemophilia, the lack of vitamins C and K (which contribute to the blood coagulate) can cause this symptom. Frequent bruises inflamed gums and feeling tired are other symptoms associated with the deficit of these vitamins.

An unbalanced diet can affect vitamin C, which the body can not store and reserve for times of shortage. Antibiotics can also cause vitamin K not to absorb well.

Solve the problem by eating green leafy vegetables and cruciferous (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower …) steamed or just a little stir-fried, as long cooking destroys vitamins.

  1. How often do you usually get infections?

This can occur due to the lack of vitamin A, which facilitates mucosal, skin and immune system are healthy. A defect of this nutrient in our body can also cause the skin to dry and the nails to be weak.

If you include foods such as egg yolks, dairy products, fish, meats, and vegetables that are orange, yellow or reddish in your diet, you will see how the problem improves. One way to make sure you take vitamins of all kinds is to combine fruits and vegetables of various colors on the plate.

  1. Do you get sores in your mouth often?

Its appearance may be due to a deficit of vitamin B, (better known as folic acid) and vitamin B12, responsible for the formation of red blood cells.

In addition to a diet with little contribution of these vitamins, suffering from an inflammatory bowel disorder causes problems to absorb vitamin B12.

Plan your dishes are taking into account that folic acid is in legumes and green leafy vegetables and vitamin B12 in meat, fish, and eggs.

When to choosing what you eat, do not just take into account the calories. The variety also matters and a lot because, without it, it is easier for you to put aside some nutrients that are basic and that, as a consequence, your health will wear out due to poor diet. Fortunately, your body always alerts when problems and unwanted alterations appear.


The usual diet of Europeans is poor in B vitamins, vitamin D, and folic acid. One of the Spaniards, also, stands out on the rest of European countries analyzed in the report by his low vitamin A content.

These nutritional deficiencies can cause your body to respond with signals that may not be important, such as losing hair or repeatedly suffering infections. The above signs are keys that can alert you that you suffer from a vitamin deficit.

If this is your case, see your doctor or a dietitian-nutritionist.

5 Signals That Your Body Sends You When You Lack Vitamins

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