There are a few tried and true household remedies for common health problems, and household chores that I have stumbled upon, that I believe have a tendency to be forgotten. Below I have listed five very inexpensive products that have helped me, and their various uses.

Petroleum Jelly

Most people think of petroleum jelly as simply an ointment to aid in diaper rash. I have recently discovered, though, that for people like myself who get dry, cracked skin on their hands and feet certain times of the year, it is an almost instant cure.

Slather petroleum jelly on your feet and hands, throw on some socks and spa gloves, and head to bed. When waking up in the morning, your skin will be healed better than any lotion on the market could heal.


Not just for fresh breath, mouthwash can heal small mouth cuts and canker sores within a couple of days. I would always treat canker sores with warm salt water, but it never really had much of an effect. Mouthwash, however, healed my mouth in two days.

It stings like nothing else, but if you can stand to swish for a minute, it does wonder. Plus, it is healthy for your teeth, anyway.

Rubbing Alcohol

Forget buying expensive disinfectant wipes and sprays for your surfaces. Transfer a bottle of rubbing alcohol to a plastic spray bottle. Wash surfaces with warm water and soap, dry, and then disinfect by spraying alcohol on surfaces. This is hospital grade and will disinfect better than any store bought the spray.


Peroxide is another alternative to mouthwash. It is advertised on the label to be an oral debriding agent. Just mix 1 part water to 1 part peroxide, and swish for sixty seconds.

It will foam in your mouth, but that means it is killing the bacteria. Whatever you do, do NOT swallow! If you accidentally swallow it, call poison control. Find more uses for peroxide here.


In addition to being a wonderful addition to culinary creations, a bit of research on Wikipedia led me to discover that vinegar is a wonderful cleaning solution as well, for bathroom surfaces and kitchen counters. I know I just cut my cleaning supply bill at least in half!

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