If you suffer from endometriosis, there are no words. I feel your pain because I’ve struggled with this for years. Several years ago, my doctor informed me surgery was my only option. This was after I’d already had surgery. This was when I decided I needed a more holistic approach.

My reasoning was I was tired of surgeries. Add to that, bills for surgeries where adding up, so I knew it was time for Plan B. If you are at this place, you know how frustrating and nerve-wracking it can be. You are in pain and desperate for relief. Here are some of my top Holistic Remedies you can try at home. Some are cheap and some a little more expensive. None as expensive as surgery would be, I might add. Here goes.

Endometriosis Holistic Remedy #1 Fertility Cleanse

Although this cleanse is specifically for fertility, this cleanse is amazing for endometriosis. My experience is the first-hand experience. This cleanses strips away the adhesions, scar tissues, etc. I got this cleanse in hopes of helping my fertility issues and discovered an entirely new relief: endometriosis relief.

This cleanse has saved me five years of having surgeries. It’s worth every penny. You are drinking herbs which are completely natural, and there aren’t side effects. You might get tired of drinking tea, but that is just worth the result.

Endometriosis Holistic Remedy #2 Fertility Massage

This is another fabulous home or holistic remedy. For me, I know exactly when the endometriosis pain is coming. Sometimes, it comes fast and hard. Other times just sharp pains. The quick remedy is to begin a massage on your stomach. There are many different videos to follow. Once you get the idea, you will feel the adhesions and can massage them slowly. Doing the massage every few days will help break down the adhesions. I do the massage anytime I feel the pain start increasing.

If you’ve never done a massage, you need to learn today. By doing the massage every day or every other day, you can stop the pain before it starts.

Endometriosis Holistic Remedy #3 Hot Bath with Aromatherapy

When you feel the pain develop, one of the quickest home remedies is a hot bath. The heat does wonder for the pain on my side. I’ve been known to take several baths a day. Or, you can use a heating pad. I prefer the bath and add some of my favorite essential oils to the water. My favorites are vanilla, chamomile, jasmine, and coconut. Find what you love and enjoy.

Endometriosis Holistic Remedy #4 Endometriosis Supplements

Painful periods, excessive bleeding, and extreme up and down moods are all part of endometriosis. The pain can be excruciating. Go to your local drug store for fertility blends. This is where one pill has many herbs or supplements in it.

Top Holistic Remedies for Endometriosis Pain

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